Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Ride on the Hottest Day of the Year!

While Zoey is at drama camp, Tom, Vivi and I have been having some nice afternoons together. Today it was hot by Anchorage standards, it was in the eighties. Laugh all you want, but it feels too hot for me after many minus temps this winter.

I have been wanting to explore Far North Bicentennial Park. It is BLM land here in the heart of Anchorage. It has Campbell Creek running through it. I thought that would be perfect, with shade dappled trails and a creek to keep the dog cool and hydrated.

We rode for about two hours. We stopped for a break at the creek. There were many warblers, juncos and sparrows in the trees overhead.

We even had an immature bald eagle take off from some trees across the creek and catch a thermal.

Vivi, Cojo and I all cooled our heels in the mountain stream. It starts above my house! Vivi loved learning about where this creek comes from. I think this evening after dinner we will walk to the pass and take a peek at the creek higher up.

Vivi is doing great on her "sticked-together" bike. She is pedalling occasionally. She learned a big lesson today. She and daddy took a fall because one of her pedals caught on a root. Now she knows how to even out her pedals when a root is coming. I love how fearless she is. And Tom is such a good daddy. Not only will he pedal her on the trail-a-bike, he takes the time to teach her how to ride.

Vivi chose her outfit for biking. I love how her helmet goes with her action sandals. When we first bought her strawberry helmet two years ago, Vivi had to wear it in the truck all the way home. She even napped in it.

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tricia said...

Wow-Vivi is quite the stylish little diva- such a great skirt-
and 80 degrees... it hasn't hit that here for quite awhile- I think Anchorage and Seattle summers are opposite- Don't yours "end" on the 4th of July-that's when ours "starts" (weather-wise anyways)...