Thursday, June 28, 2007

Very Birdy Walk

Yesterday Vivi and I took a really nice walk around Blueberry Hill. It was before noon and we had loads of birds serenading us. I really want to show you my walks, trace it on a map. Someday!

First we came across a lovely golden crowned sparrow singing "Summer's here!"

Then a white crowned sparrow flew onto this power line and the golden crown flew off. This one did not sing for us. He kind of glared.

While on Blueberry Hill we heard loads of song. Some I even recorded. I have not been able to get it loaded so that it is not sideways, darn it, so I haven't posted it. The most beautiful song was made by a mystery (to me) bird, it was only showing it's rear end. Hopefully I'll be able to i. d. that song.

On our way back we had several violet-green swallows escorting us. One perched on the same power line as the white crowned had about an hour earlier.


Mary said...

That swallow is beautiful! Good zooming, Trixie. Vivi must have had a wonderful time on a walk with you. There's so much to see!

Susan Gets Native said...

That WCSP disapproves!
And violet-green swallows??? I would have wet my pants.
Vivi is the picture of Nature-Bliss!

RuthieJ said...

Loved your bird pictures, Trixie. I've never seen a violet-green swallow. Are they common for you in the summertime?

Your own nestling is pretty cute too!