Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Behold! The Chicken Cloud

On solstice afternoon, Tom, Vivi and I walked out to Powerline Pass from our house. We only had a little bit of time before Tom ran into town to pick up Zoey. When we got to the pass Vivi looked up at Wolverine Peak and said "Behold! The Chicken Cloud." Sure enough, it looked just like a chicken. Amazing. She proceeded to shout this to every one who walked by for about ten minutes. Then it no longer looked like a chicken cloud. Sigh....

We walked out the flower trail. This is one of my favorite places in Anchorage in summer. There are so many lovely flowers and the colors play with each other so well. There were lots of lovelies, but no monkshood yet. We will have to wait.

Tall Jacob's Ladder or Polemonium acutiflorum

Delicate wild geranium or geranium erianthum.

A lovely wild violet or viola langsdorfii.

Chocolate lillies are everywhere right now! Vivi loves to smell them. They do not smell too good. I think they like to attract the critters that are into rotting meat.

Frtiillaria camschatcensis.


RuthieJ said...

Beautiful flowers and awesome views... I've never seen lilies that color. Are they an Alaska native or do you think we could grow them in Minnesota?

Trixie said...


I do not know. I know that they made it into the Alaskan Wildflowers Handbook. As far as other places, I'll have to look around the net. Aren't they cool? I love them.

Mary said...

Wow, Trixie. It does look like a chicken! I'm glad you caught that shot before it disintegrated. Good catch for Vivi!

Your photos are excellent - all of them - but my personal favorite is the Tall Jacob's Ladder - hands down.

Chocolate colored lilies?