Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beautiful Day

I really don't think I can let today go by and not make note. Seven years ago today my friend, Malcolm, died in a needless accident. He was on Alaska Airlines flight 261. My daughter and I had just gotten off that MD80 in Puerto Vallarta when Malcolm got on. I had no idea he was in Mexico. The Mexican edition of USA Today had his name listed with several typos. Perhaps I was in denial, not wanting to see that I had a dear friend on that aircraft. Anyway, I spent a week in PVR with my folks, in a daze. Tom came down the next day. Brave soul!

For the first anniversary I was sure to take the day off of work. I needed to be doing life affirming things with my family. That was important. I was watercoloring with Zoey when a new song came on the radio, I looked at the tuner (which has a clock) and saw that it was 3:21p Alaska time. It was exactly a year. The song on the radio was Beautiful Day by U2. I think I got the message, Malcolm, thanks.

And today IS a beautiful day.

(the picture is Melissa, Malcolm's sister, and Vivi)

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Mary said...

Wow. I love that song, full of meaning on a day to be remembered for you, Trixie - and Malcolm. Not to mention, sweet Vivi.