Monday, January 01, 2007

The Day

I think it lived up to expectations. I did not get to photograph at the height of the toy explosion, darn it! There was just so darn much going on. We will have to settle for a picture of Frank Sarah, the beloved Christmas tree, after Santa made his visit.

Vivi had her dreams come true. All she seemed to want was a set of tools and these Disney princess shoes she pitched a fit about in Costco. Santa made that happen. Zoey got a needle felting kit that she took to instantly and a perfume science kit she cannot wait to try. I think they were both pleased with the haul. My mother made them each the coolest baggy flannel pants and they got nice night gowns. The showcase was the gorgeous wooden dollhouse Vivi received. Thanks, Santa.

We had the big dinner with my sister, Jane, our friends Jake, Stephanie and Gwynnie, and Auntie Sarah. There was great ham to eat, and fabulous side dishes, not to mention spectacular company. Thanks to EVERYONE!


Finny O great one said...

Wow I look really sacked out in that one.Also I got Zoo tycoon 2. It's a blast Thanks auntie Jane!

Mary said...

I love the photo of Vivi with her tool belt on. Good for her! As a little girl, I liked dolls but preferred playing with trucks in the dirt.

Trixie said...

This was so classic of Vivi, to want tools and high heels. She has a girlie streak that is tempered by her desire to know how it all works.