Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Snowy, snowy

We woke up to more than a foot of snow falling since we went to bed. That is more than an inch and hour. Holy cow! It is really light, fluffy, dry snow. The outside temps have not cracked the double digits. Look at the snow hats on the dead hanging baskets. WOW!

And look at the tree house. That thing is so full of snow. I'm chilly just thinking of playing in it.

The dog and the girls frolicked in it for quite a while. I had to pop some hand warmers in Vivi's mittens, but then she trooped right along. It was tough moving for her, since the snow was almost to her waist. Sorry for the flat light, can't help that as we can hardly see across the street, much less Cook Inlet.

Zoey and I are trying to set up a good feeding station for the local birdies that winter here. They are a hardy bunch and colorful.

And Tom has gotten even more unimogg time in this break. I am sure he is thrilled!


Mary said...

Trixie, I love reading your blog. It takes me away to another world and it's very pretty. Your dog plowing through the snow is so great and seeing Zoey and Vivi snow-coated is so delightful. Yep, cold, cold, cold, and so much fun. Isn't it great for Tom, Zoey & Vivi (and dog) to come back inside and enjoy the view?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Trixie, you make me miss snow! I left Cleveland for Virginia and we hardly get anything here but beautiful, sunny days and mild temperatures. These pictures are beautiful and evoke such a great sense of the beauty of a world gone white. Your kids are gorgeous, too!

Lovely post and lovely pics!

Rhea said...

Whoa, look at that snow. I can't say I miss it, that's for sure. We've had virtually none here in Boston.