Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Budding Naturalist

Zoey has taken up birding. It happened spontaneously, in walking our part-time dog she has spotted a few places in the neighborhood where birds congregate. We are now in the process of setting up a great feeding station. Zoey cannot wait for the little flocks to start coming. She is only slightly more patient than Vivi.

I really want to get her working in her sketch book, keeping her poems and drawing birds. She already tells me she is no good at drawing birds. I tell her to keep trying! She'll never be able to draw a bird if she doesn't try.

We think we've got a hoary redpoll here.


Mon@rch said...

How wonderful she has taken it up at a young age! Be sure to get some coloring books, ect.. and shouldn't be too long before you will be getting spotting scopes, new binoc's, books, ect..!

Mary said...

Encourage her! Get that feeding station installed. During the heavy snow season when I lived farther north, I'd dig my way to the feeders with a good diet for the birds. The flocks of red-wing blackbirds would empty a feeder within a few hours but I didn't mind. They really need a good diet in below freezing weather. Zoey will love it and so will you. I can't comment on the hoary redpoll since I'm beginning with bird IDs. Zoey will love seeing birds visit the feeder.