Monday, January 01, 2007

The Frenzy is over, the frenzy. Never before have I thought of the Christmas season as such a rush. I did put on a big Thanksgiving dinner and then a big Christmas dinner. Both were with people we love and had a great deal of fun, but it is work. I worked up to Christmas eve and Tom taught right up until December 22nd. He also put on the first 100 meter nordic sprint in North America ( we think) the week before Christmas. It was a big deal. He had it end in a Grinchtacular, with each high school having a grinch that had to ski to a chimney and bring back as many gifts as possible. There were rules about each Grinch and their costume. It was hilarious. The above is the Bartlett High School Grinch.

Mom left on December 27th. She got the last seat on the Chicago flight. I was so grateful to my sister, Jane. Jane took Mom to the airport and waited around to be sure she had a seat. I was at home lying on the couch with a fever. I did have to drive Mom to the Retreat House, but that was okay! That was one of the more intense rides down the hill ever. We got caught in eddying snow devils that left us unable to see. YIKES!!! It was blowing about 70 mph. Too bad I do not have any pictures of that, I guess I thought it was more important to keep my eyes on the road.

We have had a great deal of snow in December. We broke our monthly record from 1953. It made up for the bone dry and cold November that preceded it.

This was my ride to work on December 23rd.

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Mary said...

Ooooo. That last photo looks quite scary, to me. And I'm quite accustomed to driving in snow! I am glad you holiday was a fun frenzy for you. Happy New Year, Trixie!