Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Have you ever had a friend who is so innovative, fearless, and inspiring? One who's talent seems limitless? I have one who awoke my sleeping knitting muse after twenty years and got me into spinning. She brings out all the wild, good, ideas in me, she gets me thinking on a grand scale and makes it all seem possible. I love to be around her and see what bubbles up. She even loves my kiddos.

Stephanie took the idea of Vivi's tricked-out dollhouse and made it her own for her daughter. She made this really wonderful dollhouse for her girl's fifth birthday and even let Zoey and Vivi add some decorating touches. At the same time she helped me get my spinning started with my new wheel. I hope our friendship and collaborations continue on forever.

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Mary said...

Now that's a job to enjoy. She's a great friend to have, inspiring and fun!