Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Barn Goddess

We got treated today to a trip to Honey Hill Sheep Farm fun by Penne! She is an amazing woman. I'm not sure if you could see in these pictures, but her cap says "Barn Godess." Oh boy, is that true.

Penne had been up to all hours birthing lambs and had the grace to host a herd of homeschoolers.

One of the hallmarks of homeschooling is the inclusiveness of it. There were ALL ages there. There were highschoolers down to preschoolers. Sometimes the preschoolers ask the most cogent questions. Vivi certainly got a lot out of this farm.

The new mamas were so protective of their babies. And all the babies had this gorgeous black coats. Hmmmm....that will make nice wool. These are all Shetland sheep.

Zoey loved the chickens. She spent a great deal of time ohhing and ahhing the poultry. She even came up with a plan to have them at our home, including a solar electric fence for all the predators. Zoey, it is still a "no." Sorry, darling.

I did end up buying some roving from Penne, I cannot wait to spin it up. Vivi picked out a very girly bat. She wants a hat and scarf. I hope I like spinning this yarn, since she sure likes that roving.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful, wide-eyed girls you have. It sounds as though you are enjoying them. They grow up way too fast!

Mary said...

That's my kind of field trip!