Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Morning Girls

Vivi and I have had a very nice morning together. We painted with watercolors, wet-on-wet. She was impressed with the way the color can move around the paper, but was more enamored of simply brushing the pigment on. I love watercolors and I hope my kids will have fun with it, too. Zoey has always worked in minature with little tableaux in all her artwork. Vivi has enjoyed more the bold statements that take up the entire page.

We also had a tea party, Didida and Munch the bunny were invited, too. We had strawberry tea and strawberry cake. I think Vivi has a jones for strawberries.

Now I am avoiding chores and will have to leave to pick up Zoey soon. Maybe we will all get outside before the big RECITAL tonight.


Susan Gets Native said...

I feel ashamed that I don't spend enough time sitting with my girls, drawing and coloring. Isabelle is showing quite a talent in those little fingers, so we supply her with all the paint and markers she wants.
I am in awe of you, because you take the time.

Trixie said...

You know, I always feel I should do it more, too. I think that is a modern woman thing. We just have so many hats to wear, we never know which one we should have on. At least, I don't!

Mary said...

Very cute. It's so nice to see it looking warm there, Trixie. A little sunburn...

You must have so much fun with them!