Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Recital

Zoey played and sang Waltzing Matilda for her recital piece last night. She handled her first experience with a microphone very well. She has a very confident stage presence. It was touch and go whether she was going to sing. She is on her second course of antibiotics to get this never-ending illness to go away. She is back on the albuterol, she is back to feeling punky. It is breaking my heart. I hate seeing her this way.

Zoey looked so grown up and beautiful. She was wearing a lovely dress my mom sent her and asked to have her hair curled. Vivi wore a dress and golden shoes, too. She wanted to be as spiffy as Zoey. Aunt Jane showed up for the recital, as did Lupe, her husband, Kelly, and Mark, Sheryl and Branson Gustafson. We all (except Jane) went to Twin Dragon afterward. YUM! Zoey and Branson ate SOOOO much. I just love how supported my kids are. Thanks, everyone!

All indoor photos here are credited to Tom Grenier.


tricia said...

Zoey looks amazing-great hair, great dress..
I'm sure she sounded great-Wish I could've been there-

Mary said...

You must have been so PROUD of her. She is lovely in that dress. I sure hope she starts feeling well. Maybe the fresh, spring air will help?