Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spin Spin Spin

The wool and spinning intensive continued today. We got to play with fleeces that had just been sheared. Zoey was amazed at how much crud can be in the fleece of a sheep. Zoey picked out some very nice, tawny colored fleece. When she cleaned it, the fleece was VERY white. I wish I could have caught the look on her face. Once the fleece was cleaned she dyed it with Koolaid. Zoey's hands were an awesome green-blue.

Zoey now wants me to get carders so that she can endlessly card wool. She really enjoyed the process and the feeling of the repetitive, meditative motion.

Then Mary, a homeschooling mom, taught the kids to spin with a drop spindle. It was a bit difficult for some. However, most enjoyed giving it a try. Zoey now wants her own drop spindle that she can use off the top of the stairs. I see a few head bonks coming.

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Mary said...

Interesting activity. This is what homeschooling can offer vs. traditional schooling, I guess. Out of the ordinary learning activities!