Friday, May 04, 2007

Thursday with Potter Marsh

Who said that my children could both get sick and not be able to fly anywhere on my vacation? Hmmm....who gave them permission for that? Who said Zoey could have her most serious flare up in years just now? At least they had the good sense to turn the weather a bit nice so I do not feel so glum and stuck.

Yesterday as I talked to three different doctors' offices regarding Ms. Zoey, I also managed to sneak in a trip to Potter's Marsh. Boy, was it worth it. Sorry for subjecting you to fuzzy, reachy photos, but I was truly at the limit of the digital zoom.

The girls and I got treated to the unusual flying of an Arctic Tern. There were at least two of them there. They hovered right off the side of the car and dove for some little yummy in the marsh. They looked like giant, overgrown hummingbirds. It was quite the treat.

There was also a red-necked grebe there. I had heard there was a horned grebe, but I could not find him. The red-neck was just fine by me.

And, our final spiffy species was two-fer. We got to see a canvasback date. Aren't they lovely.

Again, sorry for the fuzziness, but I still wanted to share.


Mary said...

I'm so sorry about your cancelled vacation, Trixie. There will be others. It brings to mind the time my daughter came down with chicken pox in the 10th grade, the day before her week-long Easter break and two little vacations we had planned.

At least you saw some great waterfowl!

mon@rch said...

I agree with Mary! You did find some great birds! Love your shots of the Red-necked Grebe and without a doubt much better than the Horned Grebe! The Tern would have been a lifer for me!