Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going Solo

Okay, so I may not have any great images of hot bird action like Susan, but I have what great literature and films strive for; longing and fulfillment. Here is the sweet male junco sitting atop my neighbor's NOAA weather station, singing for a mate. He is so dilligent. He has been there for days. Tom thinks he is telling all the gals that he is fabulous and he has a line on some sweet suet. We are also hearing a varied thrush and some boreal owls. The sound of the owls is how I know spring has come to Glen Alps. What a great sound.

We think our little man has himself a sweetie, there were two juncos spotted skritching around the side of the house and playset the last few days. They have been very devoted. Also, the soloing at the top of the tower has quit. Good luck, you honeymooners.


Mary said...

Awwww. I have realized, now, that I haven't seen the sweet junco's for a while. I like the way you observe birds.

mon@rch said...

Junco's are soo much fun to watch~ Guess it wants to be part of the weather!

Zoey the great said...

Yes Juncos are fun birds to watch. They like to zoom in front of you when your on a run.