Monday, May 21, 2007

Vivi's Brain

My children seem to have ceaseless imaginations. Zoey is forever composing stories and scenarios in her head. She makes a musical game out of chores for Vivi. It's like being in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Vivi came up with some zingers the last few days.

On Friday as we were driving out to Pepere's I heard a deep voice from the depths of the backseat asking me to turn around. There was a little man sitting in Vivi's seat, a tissue for a mustache. This little man's name turned out to be Peaches Apple Pumpkin Bubblegum, The Mustache Man. I love his deep voice. This seems to be an extension of Beard Face, a persona developed by Vivi when she was about two. She would take her hair near her ears and bring this hair to her mouth and talk in a really deep voice.

Vivi also asked on Thursday evening if we could build a house that was a giant robot. And this robot could walk us into town, take us to the market. Then she thought about it and wondered if this robot might scare people. Hmmmmm....


Mary said...

Having kids jump-starts your own imagination, doesn't it? It's funny to hear their wild and fun stories - kind of takes you away for a bit, doesn't it?

Susan Gets Native said...

The brains of little kids just makes me smile.
Think about what it would be like if we adult-types talked like that? We would be carted away. At what age does that sort of thing become weird????