Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What a Half-Hour Can Do!

Tom and Zoey did a fund-raising run for the university ski team this evening. They ran from McHugh Creek to the head of the Turnagain Trail near Potter Marsh. When we got to the start Zoey's friend Jake and his dad, Mark were there. Zoey was excited that she would have someone her size along.

While getting instruction from the starter, a bald eagle literally hung out above the racers for a good thirty seconds, then soared over the start. This is not the best picture, but at least you get the idea.

The race began, the kids looked strong. I guess there were some lessons learned about pacing a four mile run. And yes, Zoey's hands were still blue from the dyeing. She has that Celtic warrior thing going on. Vivi and I had about 45 minutes to dink around before we picked them up at the finish.

We went to the turnout at Potter Marsh and racked up a list of birds in just 40 minutes:
Ring Necked Duck (2), Canvasbacks (at least eight), Northern Pintail (2), Greater Scaup (at least six), Trumpeter Swan (4), American Widgeon (6), Horned Grebe (1), lesser Canadian Goose (bazillions), Arctic Tern (lots), Northern Shoveler (2), tree swallows (lots), Bald Eagle (2), Common Raven (1), and Mew Gulls.

No pictures from the marsh, the battery on the camera died. Sorry!


mon@rch said...

such a wonderful way to spend an hour! You should be very proud of them! Also, great birds!

Mary said...

The eagle in front of the mountains is great! Love Zoey's blue hands, too! LOL!