Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Neighbors

We have a new neighbor. Yesterday when I was at work, Tom sent me an e-mail with an attachment. I opened it to find the above picture. WOW! A Stellar's Jay at our house. I have lived in this place for 14 years and have never seen one in this neighborhood. They tend to stay in lower elevations. When I was a kid I never saw them in Anchorage, and Tom only remembers seeing them in Prince William Sound. I am going to ask our friends who have lived in Glen Alps for 36 years if they know of any Stellars around here.

These jays showed up again today, with a grey jay and a dark-eyed junco in tow. They looked like a gang of marauders. It did bring to mind the black-billed magpies. I wonder how they compete? They seem to occupy the same niche. And we have not seen the magpies in two days. Hmmmm.....any speculations?


Mary said...

They are beautiful. You are lucky, Trixie! I've never seen a Stellar Blue Jay! I'll bet Zoey was thrilled!

mon@rch said...

I would take these Jays over my bluejays any day of the week!

mepburke said...

Hi Tricia!

Great pics! One kid at the farm looks like Cassidy.

Love the blog.
More gratuitous "Glow In The Dark Statue of Mary" pics needed, however...

- The mystery Blogger reader