Monday, April 02, 2007

At Last

If I could have a soundtrack for this post it would be Etta James singing "At Last." I cannot tell you how many times I have reached for my camera to photograph our gorgeous boreal chickadees only to be foiled by their elusiveness. Unlike their little black-capped cousins they are shy. They vant to be alone. They fly out of the hemlock for the suet feeder like they are on a mission, they peck, look around suspiciously and then bee-line right back to the hemlock. No lingering for the boreal chickdee. Finally, Friday morning I got one to pose at the suet feeder. Isn't this a beautiful bird? Look at the color on the underbelly. I just love them. And finally I get to share them.


mon@rch <-- would love to see a Boreal Chickadee said...

Never seen the Boreal Chickadee! great shot and glad you were able to get a picture!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet bird. Love the coloring. I love my Alaskan adventures through your blog.

Susan Gets Native said...

What a sweet little cutie!
Dontcha love it when you FINALLY get a good shot of the elusive ones???

Mary said...

AT LAST! That surely resonates with me. Congratulations on getting such lovely pics of a very cute little bird! Sounds like they act much like my Carolina chickadees.