Tuesday, April 03, 2007


There are days I really love my job. It really is never boring. We have seasons and right now is sled dog season. I pulled into the parking lot at work on Monday to find two mushers setting up their teams to get on my evening flight to Kotzebue. One was Lance Mackey. He is the amazing guy who won both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod this year. That is a first. Let's cheer him on for the Kobuk 300. He told me about all his dogs, how old and experienced they were. These are some of his less experienced dogs he's taking to the Kobuk. I was quite charmed by the one with the chalk eyes. One dog (not Lance's) got out of the kennel and the igloo twice. It made my heart leap into my chest to hear one of the ramp guys on the radio hollering that a dog was out.

Lance was very gracious and kind with this woman in the parking lot charging over to talk to him. He had no surly handlers, was doing all the work himself. Go, Lance! Let's get a mushing triple-crown!

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Mary said...

You are fortunate to love your job, Trixie. I would have LOVED to meet the musher and the dogs, too!