Friday, April 13, 2007

Tasks and Rewards

Our Thursday seemed to be dominated by a two hour wait in line at the post office to process the paperwork for passports for my girls. Zoey and Vivi waited in this interminable line for ages! We all had to be there so that we could swear on a stack of Bibles that everything was correct. And, I suppose, to see that neither parent was pulling a snatch and grab. Sigh..... We made friends with the folks around us. There was a cute eight month old baby that Vivi entertained. Zoey got on with the woman behind us. She works at our favorite local yarn store. It could have been worse, but Ohhhh, it could have been better. At least we also mailed our tax return! YIPPY! Another tax return GONE!

Zoey started to feel punky again before we left the post office, so we bribed the girls with a promise of food when we were done with our icky chores. Zoey is still fighting this virus. It brings up old bad memories of "gassing the baby." She was afflicted with RSV when she was about 16 months old and has permanent lung damage from that. We spent at least a year and a half giving her nebulizer treatments many times a day.

To reward ourselves we went to the Bear Tooth. The beer and the burritos were excellent as usual. Tom and I lapsed into food induced comas. Nahhhh....

We scooted by Spenard Crossing/Eastchester to see what kind of migrant waterfowl was there. There were lots of lesser Canadian geese but nothing else distinguishable with it being backlit and all.

We did get to see Mr. Beaver cruising around, patrolling the lagoon. That was a nice surprise. Tom and remarked about how much more game we see in town than when we were kids.

Vivi was disappointed with how little time we spent at the lagoon, but Zoey was really feeling her virus. So she wanted to curl up on the couch and veg. To make up I promised Vivi we would go for a walk.

We had a good time hopping in puddles, playing with sticks and seeing what was going on in Moosie Meadow. She wanted to go all the way to the Poweline, but the snow is too rotten. She found that out herself. Smart girl!

Vivi and I do not get as much time together alone as Zoey and I. These little walks become a window into her world. I love learning how her mind works. She is so verbal and imaginative. Her world view surprises me everyday.

We were treated to a lovely sunset. Each day we get to see the sun setting further and further north, later and later. We are now starting to get into that time of year when we do not sleep! This time of year Sunset Theatre really takes hold. Often, Tom and I (and whomever we can lure over) will sit on the deck with an adult beverage and a musical instrument. It should be good with Tom's new MandoBird.


mon@rch said...

I really need to get myself a passport. Congrats on your taxes and seeing the beaver swim around! Looks like a great day you had!

Mary said...

Nice time with Vivi :o) Sometimes they like being the "only" child! By now I hope Zoey is feeling much better.

You had a great day!