Friday, April 06, 2007

Whistle While You Work

When I have been doing math with Zoey lately, Vivi wants in. She wants to do math, too. So, we've been working on her number recognition, counting, and all the pre-math volume stuff. She is getting her small motor act together. The one thing she has become nearly obsessed with is her letters. We have been making little letter mini-books. She gets to color four little pictures of say B stuff, like bear, baker and butterfly. She then gets to glue those little pictures to a small page with that word and then practice that word. She LOVES to do this. I mean LOVES to do it. She is begging me at 11 pm to do another one. She tries to be so careful on her strokes. Her focus is so intense. She really wants the letters to look right. This is so different than Zoey who is just now wanting to work on her physical handwriting. Until now, it has just been too banal for her.

And Vivi loves to whistle.


Mary said...

Gosh, she's cute. Whistling while she works...may that continue for many, many, years! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I jumped over here from Julie Z's blog. Your girls are adorable--love the post about your little one learning her letters. During my 12 years (so far) as a teacher, I've spent four of them teaching 1st/2nd graders. That letter-sound recognition is SO important! The description of your daughter's enthusiasm makes my heart smile.

Oxford, Ohio