Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter All! I hope you are enjoying this celebration of spring and new life. Here in Big Pink we decorated eggs the old fashioned way. It made a great science lesson in plants, berries and dyeing. Zoey read an article about dyeing eggs with all kinds of plants. We hot dyed eggs with tumeric and hibiscus. The tumeric was gorgeous, golden and rich. The hibiscus was supposed to turn out lavender. I suppose if you squinted and were fairly color blind it would look like lavender. I thought it turned them grey. They seemed to perfectly match the egg carton.

We also cold dyed eggs in several kinds of berries. We used blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. The berries were messier and harder to reclaim. We let them set for 48 hours to saturate the color. They had a cool mottled effect that reminded me of batik. The blueberries were the most successful with the richest color and the easiest to clean. I would do those again, but not the blackberries and the raspberries. The seeds and pulp stuck to the eggs too much.

Zoey even made me a Tucker egg, complete with halo. We still miss our old friend. Sigh....

Then came the ritual hunting and gorging on candy part. The girls dug into that wholeheartedly. The chocolate bunnies from our friends in Germany were a huge hit.

Vivi loved finding lots of fun Easter stuff in her doll house. She and Zoey were wowed by the playdough eggs.

Then it was time for a cool down. Vivi snuggled her new Beanie Baby bunny, Nibbles, and DeeDeeDa. Zoey snuggled Cojo. Cojo picking up on the fact that Zoey's fever returned from the night before. Now it is keep Zoey mellow on the couch with old movies. I think they are watching Mel Brook's "Silent Movie" now.


Mary said...

Awwww. Dying eggs the natural way looks like an adventure and they turned out well!

Love those chocolate ears!

Trixie said...

The ears did not have a chance! Pity the chocolate bunny that lands in this house. ;-)

Zoey said...

NummyNummy Chocholate Bunny.