Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Double Bunny

This winter we have had an abundance of wild life to view. We have lured them in with lovely black thistle and sunflower seeds. We have tempted them with delicious suet. Our viewing season on the birds is coming to an end. We need to remove the feeders and seed so Brother Bear is not tempted to our home. And soon we will not see our bunnies every morning. They will be less bold for food. There will be no need to be so exposed to eat, nor soak up the sun. I've been photographing them like mad. Today we were treated to double bunnies feeding together in our side yard.

Do you think this is like a snowshoe hare date?

I love the view of the bunny standing up to get an alder twig.

Then enjoying that twig like a Cuban cigar (can you see it?).

I wonder what is so delectable that on several occasions since the snow has receded I see them burying their little snouts in there? It is full of moss and crowberry bushes.

I also wonder if the lynx cycle is up. We have been having many hopping visitors.

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