Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Raw Spring

After our coldest March on record the spring break up has come. We are through the worst of the nasty car part. However, we are just in the beginning of the long, brown and grey phase.

Zoey has had a fever and cough since Saturday. I snapped today when she coughed very consistently from six in the morning until she got up at nine. We went to the doctor this afternoon. She thinks it is a virus and we need to stay on top of her asthma meds. We just need to give her tylenol to reduce her fever.

To reward us all for our time spent at the doctors I decided we would drive down Turnagain Arm. The tide was going out and we stopped to watch at Beluga Point.

Look at that cool ring of salt water ice around the island. All the grey in the water and the ice is glacial silt. It is so fine that is in suspension in the water.

One of my favorite things is the twisting of the hemlock that happens here. The winds bringing weather in from Prince William Sound howl up Turnagain Arm. This dead skeleton of a hemlock shows the shape beautifully. And look at the lichen and moss on the rocks. I just love Beluga Point.

We turned around at Beluga Point and headed back home. We stopped at Potter Marsh to see how it was thawing out. It looks like real progress is being made in that department. There is some scuttlebutt in the Anchorage birding community that migrant water fowl are stacking up in Prince William Sound waiting for the lakes and marshes to thaw out in Anchorage. This should bring them winging in.

We drove home from the south. We always get a view, just barely, of our house. It is to the right of the giant putty monstrostity of our neighbor and to the left of the bright red one. I love seeing our house from this road, it means we are close, so close!


Mary said...

I hope Zoey feels better soon. It wears me out to hear children cough continually!

Now you're in the brown phase but that means the green phase is next!

Your scenery is spectactular, Trixie! It's so romantic to be able to see your house on a side of a mountain...

mon@rch said...

I can believe this spring has been one of our colder ones also! Hope Zoey gets better quickly! Real spring should be near!

Trixie said...

Thanks for the good wishes for Zoey. She still feels lousy, but the true test will come around 7p tonight.

The green phase is coming. It just takes a while. Patience may not be my strong suit!