Friday, April 20, 2007

Taming Tresses

Vivi takes her haircuts very seriously. She got her first haircut at less than two years old not because she needed it, but because she wanted it soooooo bad! Her sister and her momma each got haircuts, so clearly that is what you do as a girl.

Her wanting her haircut also makes it easy on me. When her hair was longer in the back she had some serious hair nests that caused no small amount of tears. Tears when I tried to tame them from her and tears of frustration from me. I was not sad to see those days go.

Vivi is a walking advertisement for the fabulous Laura. Laura cuts our hair and does a SUPER job. Not only that, she is thoroughly engaging. My girls love her. She and Zoey get on famously with their shared interests. Laura volunteers at Bird Treatment and Learning Center. She is doing a babies presentation on Saturday at Animal Control, if you are in Anchorage you should check it out. We think she is also going to get an saw-whet owl soon. She and Zoey talk raptors and tropical fish.


Susie from GW said...

Hi Trixie, I've just discovered your blog and am so happy to read one from Alaska. I live in Maryland and have been to AK twice on cruises and think AK is beautiful, but who doesn't? right?. I love your daughter's new haircut. VERY NICE! cute poses. Got a good chuckle from your "amazing fish slayers" line. --Susie from GW (no blog yet but I'm thinking about it.)

Mary said...

I have always admired her haircut. Really! She is so sweet in these photos.

Trixie said...

Thanks, Ladies! She wears it very well.

Susie, set yourself up. We would love to see what is going on in your world. Glad you enjoyed AK, now get off the boat and see some locals.

Susan Gets Native said...

Girl, that is one GREAT haircut.
Thank goodness, my girls like haircuts too. But it wasn't always that way. You can imagine.