Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunday Sunset

It was ten o'clock at night and I was standing in the tundra and half melted snow of the side yard in my work heels, clicking away. The sun was setting just south of Sleeping Lady and the sky was doing the most amazing things. The play of the light on the clouds was stunning. I am so glad my family loves me, because I barely said "hello" to them when I came home. I wanted to hold that sunset forever. I had to get it. When I came home from work on Sunday I grabbed my camera and scooted outside. Click on the image to enlarge and look at that pink in the left sky. Yum!

Sunday also involved a barbecue at work. I work with some very talented men. These guys can cook! Leo did the meat. He marinated it for a whole day, it was tender! And then he babied it on the grill. I don't think I ever met a twenty-year old guy with that kind of patience before. I brought oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were pretty good, too. And Francisco! YIKES! That man and his wife should open a restaurant, taco stand, or burrito wagon. I would live there, I would be big as a house, but I would be HAPPY. Please note that our serving table was a forklift with a pallet. My co-workers are good cooks and excellent problem solvers.

And a bunny update for any one interested in the progression of bunny fur from winter to spring. This snowshoe hare seems to perfectly match the rotting, dirty snow. He also disappears when he steps into an alder stand. I am continually amazed at how Mother Nature perfectly adapts.


mon@rch said...

sunset shot is wonderful! Also love seeing the snowshoe bunny! Bravo!

Mary said...

Great sunset, Trixie! I think men are the best cooks, hands-down!

Thanks for the the white bunny fix!